Zobby - Canine Droid Edit


Overview Edit

A canine droid who seems as smart, if not smarter, than the average droid. Incapable of speech, Zobby is capable of sentient thought, operating turrets, and even driving a R.A.T, which he seemed to take from the mils on his own intent, as Krunk (his caretaker), had thought he ran off.

Background Edit

While it is never said where Zobby came from, he seems to usually stay close to Krunk, hinting that it is possible he built him, as Krunk was also assigned with the task of repairing Glitch. The canine robot is affiliated with the Droid Rebellion and was actually part of the scouting team, which was sent out into what appears to be the ruins of Iron star, that had found Glitch in his ruined and deactivated state.

Story involvement Edit

After finding Glitch, the player will first find Zobby operating the turret of the droid's modified R.A.T. in the fourth level of the game. He will appear again a while later during a cutscene where Krunk drops several F-bombs at Glitch for letting Vlax steal his R.A.T. right in front of them both, and then Zobby pulls around a corner with a stolen Mil R.A.T. His final appearance in the game from there, aside from the background of a cutscene, is during the second to last level of the game, where Zobby can be found on the Mil Space Station, at the top of the control room. At the end of the level, during the cutscene Glitch lets Zobby out of a cage he was imprisoned in.

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