Origin: Mils
Affiliation: Mils
Position: Grunt

Vlax is General Corossive's eyes and ears of the Mil army. It takes a while during the game to hunt down and destroy him.

Vlax is a unique, purple Grunt who broke through the Droid Mines and into Droid Town that managed to escape in a R.A.T. He was the only Mil who knew the location of Droid Town but was destroyed later by Glitch. He carries a Level 1 Rocket Launcher. In a cinematic scene, Vlax is seen running on a bridge and escaping.

He also likes taunting the Droids by saying "You'll never catch me, you rust-busting reject!" and laughing hysterically.

The best way to kill him is to take his arms off, knock his head loose and use the RAT's machine gun to polish him off, or squash him flat.

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