R.A.T. - A six-wheeled vehicle, the Rapid Armored Transport is typically used to traverse the wastelands of Iron Star, it is featured in several fast-paced levels in the singleplayer campaign, and featuerd in several multiplayer maps. The R.A.T. can run over smaller enemies from almost any angle. What it can't run over, it can shoot apart using the RJV-780 mounted to the back.

Loader - A medium-sized yellow-orange hovercraft, not originally intended for the war the laoder has a large mechanical claw attached to the front of it which can be used to pick up smaller robots. After the war became a serious thing the loader became outfitted with an infinite ammunition level 2 SPEW

Sentinel - A large war machine built by the Mils for heavy assault on the Droid cities. The Sentinel Tank is armed with a lighter variant of the RJV-780, which fires with less damage and more speed, but oddly enough shares a sound with the SPEW. It's primary weapon is a heavy laser cannon which fires a large burst of energy into a specific targeted area, creating a dramatically large explosion upon impact.

RJV-780 20mm (Vorium Machine Gun) - A heavy machine gun which can found mounted to the back of a R.A.T., or to a turret emplacement on the ground of several levels. Fires at a rapid rate which can tear through any bot or vehicle in the game.

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