About the Unofficial Soundtrack Edit

Metal Arms Glitch in the System - Full Soundtrack + Download

Metal Arms Glitch in the System - Full Soundtrack + Download

Keith Arem at PCB Productions owns the rights to all of these songs (With the exclusion of one song). The soundtrack was ripped from the Gamecube version of the game and uploaded for free, As the original/official soundtrack was published for free, and missing 20+ songs found in this list.

Track List Edit

  1. Metal Arms Theme
  2. Stars and Stripes (Only song not produced by PCB Productions, unknown author "1903 Gramophone playing Stars and Stripes)
  3. Hero Training
  4. Vlax's Escape
  5. Hold Your Ground
  6. Recycle
  7. Our Mil Overlords
  8. R.A.T. Race
  9. Droid Town
  10. The Zombiebot King
  11. Final Battle
  12. Into the Trenches
  13. The Mil Compound
  14. Mil Attack
  15. The Search for Krunk
  16. Night Vision
  17. The Morbot Region
  18. Swarmers
  19. Distant Screams
  20. Swarmer Attack
  21. Shady & Mr. Pocket's Theme
  22. Shady & Mr. Pocket's Shop Theme
  23. Mil City Ambience
  24. Where is Your Clearance Chip?
  25. Secret Rendezvous
  26. Command, Fight to the Death!
  27. The Coliseum
  28. Unknown Name - Unused song found in the game's files
  29. Race
  30. Symbol
  31. Credits (Main Theme with Voice-overs.)
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