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The Toaster is a classic flamethrower, with a more distrinct look to it (Most noticably it's insane size difference to the player.). It has only one level and is only acquired after finishing the twenty-second level, "Fire it Up", as it is given to the player by another droid. His name is Slosh . The toaster is effective in causing a Mil Grunt to go into a panic state and run around flailing their arms, but also a highly deferred weapon by the community due to how often it will cause the player damage to themselves involuntarily, given the flames bounce off the walls and back at the player with a long lifespan.

The in-game description of the weapon is stated as:

"Slosh's hand-me-down molten metal spray gun melts through metal armor as though it's plastic."

Appearances by levelEdit

The Reactor Core - The player finds the droid Slosh who is trapped, the player then frees Slosh who proceeds to burn down several Mil Grunts using the toaster, and can be seen firing it to open a grate at the end of the mission

Fire it Up - In this level the player plays as Slosh, where the toaster has inifinite ammo.

The Hand is Mightier - Slosh gives the player his toaster and three magma bomb grenades.

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