Affiliation: Mils
Position: Heavy Infantry
Voice Actor: Unknown

Titans are hulking metal monstrosities created by the Mil Bot Leader General Corrosive as an assault unit and bodyguard for the Mil Armies. Heavily armed and armored, Titans supplant the lesser Mil Grunts as a frontline unit in large-scale attacks and as defenders of high-value bases and resources. Though they do not command troops on their own, Titans are nonetheless often found leading small battalions of elite troops when deployed to defend an area or hunt down dissenting Droids.

Description[edit | edit source]

Titans are bipedal robots with a pair of linked chainguns, a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, two armored legs, and a sizeable rear-mounted power cell that powers all of it. The head of a Titan has a single optical strip as opposed to two "eyes" yet this optical setup is sharper than that of other Mils, capable of picking up on movement and expediently locking onto it within nanoseconds. Since Titans are so dangerously equipped and are far crueler than the Mils' Grunt or Guard units, they never retreat from an engagement and relentlessly pursue their target until they or their opposition perishes or retreats.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

First appearing in Into the Trenches as a military enforcer and reappearing regularly thereafter, Titans are uncommon when compared to Grunts but still spawn as a staple enemy either with a small group of accompanying Grunts, alone, or in clusters no larger than three.

Later on in Mil City, shielded Titans that sport a Barrage Cannon amongst normal Titans as part of the Mil City patrol forces and are seen again later on aboard the Mil Space Station.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Titan bears strong similarity to the ED-209 from the Robocop film series.

The legs of the Titan could sustain damage and break without completely killing the Titan. One leg being crippled or destroyed would drastically reduce the speed of the Titan, and both legs being destroyed essentially made the Titan a living turret.

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