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They Live is the sixth level in Metal Arms. Chasing Vlax through the Wastelands, he delays Glitch when he crosses a rickety suspension bridge, forcing Glitch to leave Krunk and Zobby and continue the chase on foot. This level has four secret chips and a speed chip time of twenty-three minutes and fourty-six seconds.
They Live Overview

Story Edit

Glitch is now on his own, and pushing his way through the Wastelands in an attempt to catch up to Vlax on foot, as Krunk and Zobby try to go around the Wastelands and cut Vlax off. As Glitch crosses the suspended bridge over the chasm, he is contacted by Colonel Alloy, whom tells him about the zombiebots, and their "unquenchable thirst for oil".

Overview Edit

The level is a gameplay-heavy shooting mission, after crossing the suspended bridge, the player is immediately thrown into a fight between several Mil Grunts and several zombiebots. This is a common occurrence throughout the rest of the level. After a short walk, the player is introduced to a large open area, in which a tower of scrap metal falls over immediately after the players jumps down, crushing two Mil Grunts in the process. After navigating the area, the player jumps down to a large flat open-grounded area, and is assaulted by two more zombiebots. These can either be ignored or killed. To the immediate right (where the two zombiebots spawn from), the player can find two more zombiebots suspended from the ceiling in cages. Freeing them from their imprisonment by using the ripper to cut the cables holding their cages up will recruit them to the player's side until they die permanently. Moving onward into the mission, the player is required to cut two cables to create bridge out of a large chunk of metal being held up so that they may cross a river of sludge that is extremely hazardous to any bot which may accidentally fall in. From here the player jumps and climbs up a small makeshift fort/tower made by the Mils so that they may reach the next and final area. The player will fight multitudes of both mil grunts and zombiebots before going through the exit pipe to finish the mission.

They Live Overview 2

Collectables Edit

They Live Scope

Scope Edit

The scope can be found underneath a little bridge covering a dip in the terrain near the beginning of the mission.

They Live Secret Chip 1

Secret Chip #1 Edit

The first secret chip in this mission can be found to the immediate right of the scope, behind a chunk of metal.

Secret Chip #2 Edit

The second secret chip can be found in the area halfway through the level, under the catwalk below the two caged zombiebots.

They Live Secret Chip 3

Secret Chip #3 Edit

The third secret chip is located inside the remains of a destroyed crate-bot in the same area as secret chip #2

Secret Chip #4 Edit

The final secret chip of this mission can be found in the final area, immediately before/right next to the large metal bridge.

They Live Secret Chip 3-0
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