Map SummaryEdit

Tanks a Lot
Tanks A Lot is one of the multiplayer maps available in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

In this map there are three sentinel tanks, one loader, and three titans. All of the titans can be found scattered around the map in equal distribution, with two being located on a higher-than-street-level location, and one found next to a road, all of the tanks & the loader can be reached easily as they are all sitting idle on the streets.

Map Layout Edit

Tanks A Lot (birds eye view)

On the North side of the map is a long secluded road, with a first to second story road ramp, a destructible overhead bridge, and one titan.

On the Eastern side of the map is a small Mil bunker, and a single Mil tower, each sporting protection from the many tanks on the map, and a fair amount of equipment for the player to pick up.

In the central road on the map there is another first to second story road ramp, another destructible overhead bridge, and another titan.

Of the two roads on the East and West side that lead South, only one of them goes from the first to second story, the other is a flat road, leading to another titan, and a single Mil bunker.

Tanks A Lot Central Room

Just below the center of the map there is a small room inside the cluster of Southern buildings, the entrance & exit to which are two conveyor belts, one is a short jump through while the other is lengthy walk to get out.

Vehicle Spawns Edit

The loader will spawn in the very North-West corner of the map, facing the South. The three sentinel tanks spawn across the map, the first one spawns at the very North-East of the map, facing West towards the loader. The second sentinel spawns under the overhead bridge at the central road of the map, and the last sentinel spawns at the center of the Southern road, just adjacent of the short conveyor entrance to the central room.

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