Affiliation: Droid Rebellion
Voice Actor: Unknown

Slosh is a droid that Glitch first encounters in the Morbot Region far underground within the mechanical areas of the region, separated by a giant chasm of water. He speaks very fast, always nervously, and has a very negative outlook on the situation at most times, however he still gets the job done. Slosh wields a Toaster (Flamethrower) with infinite ammo. He has a double jump ability, except instead of doing a flip he has small jump-jets attached to his legs that he uses.

A Meeting of the Minds Edit

When Glitch first meets Slosh in the Morbot Region, he is separated by a giant chasm of water between them. Slosh tells Glitch he can shut down or lower the water by opening the drainage pipe not too far from their current location. The Mils had originally trapped Slosh there just to scare & torture him, according to him. After Glitch lowers the water and meets up with Slosh later, he tells him about the Swarmers, and how they leech off of anything that gives off power, or an electric current; which is why the Mils shut off the main reactor to begin with.

Trivia Edit

At the end of the level the player meets Slosh in, while talking about the swarmers he states "I hear there's a big ol' mean nasty one at the reactor!" This was in reference to the cut boss from the game, in which the player would have had to fight a large swarmer. Not much is known about this boss other than a single picture of it, and that the song "Swarmer Attack" was to be the music for the boss battle.

There is a rather famous cut cutscene from the game pitted Slosh against Krunk and Col. Alloy. There is no known recorded video or storyboard for this, but we have the full audio, courtesy of Swingin' Ape Studios.

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