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A picture of the Sentinel Tank

The Sentinel Tank was a main battle tank developed by the Mils for the subjugation of Iron Star.

Equipped with a heavy laser cannon as a primary weapon, and a light machine gun as its secondary weapon, it is the powerhouse of the three Metal Arms vehicles. Sentinels appear multiple times in the campaign, and in quite a few multiplayer maps, such as the appropriately named Tanks A Lot.

Campaign & Lore Edit

While not much is known about the Sentinel within the lore/universe of Metal Arms, it can be assumed these tanks are very costly to produce for the Mils, as they are only seen in heavily guarded areas (Such as the Mil Comm. Arrays, the very center of the Mil City, and protecting the Spy Droid Factory.) of great significance to the Mils.

Multiplayer Edit

The Sentinel may seem unstoppable, but given the fact any damage is connected to the player's health while they are in the tank, it can be stopped if the driver is killed. The tank will provide great to barely any protection, depending on where it is hit: If hit head on or from the side, damage is reduced by 60-80%. However, the top and rear of the tank leave the driver fully exposed, and hits there will deal full damage as a result.

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