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Seal the Mines is the third level in Metal Arms. The player navigates a rocky & mechanical environment in an effort to bring down the mines for good. The level contains three secret chips, and has a speed chip time of ten minutes and fifty two seconds.
Do Ore Die

Story Edit

At the beginning of the level Glitch was caught in the collapsing mess, and fell down a sinkhole into a crystal mining area of the Mil Mines, where he receives a transmission from Colonel Alloy telling him he needs to bring down the main ore processing machine farther down into the mines, as it is the only thing with enough power to cause the entire mine system to collapse on itself, and prevent the Mils from getting into Droid Town.

Overview Edit

This is the first level in the game that a usable vehicle is introduced, and the first time the player meets the Barter Droids, Shady & Mr. Pockets.

Once the player navigates the intro segment, they are greeted with an empty loader to make use of, and are guided to destroy all of the Mils in the cavern they are presently in. After which they move to a second cavernous room, clear it out, and meet the Barter Droids. The player navigates down into an open area of the Mil Mines, and is required to destroy a power generator at the bottom of the room to disable an ore-smashing machine at the center of the room so that the player may use it to enter another room, gather three det-packs, and take an elevator down into the main ore processing machine, where they will place them on the machine causing the level to end and the ending cutscene to be played.

Collectables Edit

Weapons Edit

A level one rivet gun can be found early on this level, if you take the loader and go just off the path in the large cavern flooded with water, it, along with the second secret chip, can be found in a Mil crate.

Secret Chips Edit

Do Ore Die Secret Chip 1

1) The first secret chip in the level can be found right as you start the level, turn around, take a step back, and throw a corning charge at the large boulder with a crack on it. The boulder will expose the crystals inside of it, and a secret chip will also come out.

Do Ore Die Secret Chip 2 + Rivet Gun

2) The second secret chip in the level is found in a Mil crate, along with a level one rivet gun just off the path in the first open room.

Do Ore Die Secret Chip 3

3) The final secret chip in the level is located at the bottom walkway of the main ore processing machine.

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