Screwed is one of Colonel Alloy's Droid rebels that was partnered with another Droid rebel - Hosed. After Glitch was repaired by Krunk, he wanted to help the Droid Rebellion. Colonel Alloy needed more rebels as the mines were under attack and most, if not all the other rebels were already fighting or destroyed. The only two Droids available were Hosed and Screwed, and were partnered up with Glitch. As the three were working their way along the mines, Hosed and Screwed taught Glitch how to fight and use other things that he might find in the battlefield. Once Glitch, Hosed, and Screwed came to the Mil side of the mines, a Grunt threw a Coring Charge at a bridge above molten metal (which both Hosed and Screwed were standing on) and blew up the bridge, with Hosed and Screwed falling to their destruction into the molten metal below.

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