Scientists are a small group of medium-sized milbots that are most commonly found in the Mil R & D Labs. Being scientists, they have the ability to heal nearby mil allies. In contrast, when someone attacks them or kill their allies, the Scientists will release a heavy shockwave that will temporarly stun the enemy and drain its life (more than half of one of Glitch's Battery bar). There are occasions where a Scientist heal Glitch.

Unlike all milbots, the Scientists will not attack you if you wont harm them.

They have a robotic-wizard like shape with slim mechanical arms. Scientists have the slowest movement speed of all Mils.

Glitch will also encounter Scientists one in the Mil Spy Factory and a few others in the mission "One Small Step" from the Mil Space Station.

Location Edit

These are the levels where you'll encounter a Mil Scientist:

  • What Research?;
  • The Search for Krunk;
  • F&!?ing Krunked;
  • Unhandled Exception;
  • One Small Step.

Gallery Edit

1Mil Scientist

Concept art of a Mil Scientist