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A high-velocity projectile lunging piece of equipment, the rivet gun is a very powerful weapon in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System which can be acquired very early in the game as it's first appearance is in the level Seal the Mines.

Rivet Gun (Level 1)

Rivet Gun (Level 1)

The rivet gun, at level 1, has only one function. It lunges a single long steel rivet at a target, which in the case of most Mil grunts will have a high chance of breaking or dismembering one of their limbs completely. The rivets are hurled at such a velocity that they pose a major threat to even the zombiebots, as the rivet's impact force quickly makes them fall apart, unable to withstand the sheer impact power of the rivet itself.

Rivet Gun (Level 2)

Rivet Gun (Level 2)

At level 2, the rivet gun does not change much in terms of power. It gains the ability to hold ten extra rivets in the maximum amount. However, it does gain a new ability. Upon impact, the rivets will automatically start to charge up after 0.8 seconds, and explode one second after that.

Rivet Gun (Level 3)

Rivet Gun (Level 3)

At level 3, the river gun can now hold a maximum ammunition in reserve of 50, as well as it gains a new feature. The primary trigger can be held down before the visual charging effect of the rivet occurs after impact, this will cause the rivet to charge even longer, starting with a blue particle and fading to an off-white yellow when fully charged. The fully charged rivet explosion has a much larger splash radius, and deals much more damage.

Level Ammo Max Ammo RPS RPM Other
Level 1 5 25 + mag


6.25 375
Level 2 5 35 + mag


6.25 375 Rivets now charge

and explode after 1.8


Level 3 5 50 + mag


6.25 375 Primary trigger can

be held down to overcharge

the last shot rivet, dealing damage

across an explosive blast radius.

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