The Ripper is a long range, saw shooting gun that tears through Mil armor. The Ripper can cause critical damage to Grunts such as dismembering them on contact. The saw blades will "bounce" off of the wall as they hit them, except for at level 3, at level 3 the ripper's saw blades will catch on contact with what they hit, and spin for an additional 5 seconds, causing extra damage to their target.

  • Level 1: Fires a saw blade at directed target. Can be used to cut red wires in the campaign. Good for dismembering Mil Grunts. Weak damage.
  • Level 2: Increased impact damage to the ripper.
  • Level 3: The ripper's blade will now spin upon impact, and move along it's target, doing increased damage and an after-effect damage which will likely dismember multiple limbs.
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