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The Mil variant of the Rapid Armored Transport.

Rapid Armored Transports, or R.A.Ts are found all over the Wastelands on Iron Star. Their speed allows for quick movement around the less crowded areas of the dangerous Wasteland. The R.A.T can only be seen when you meet up with Krunk either in Droid Town or in the Wasteland. Up to two people can occupy a R.A.T at a time, one driver and one gunner. There is only one Droid Rebellion Rapid Armored Transport, as Krunk had stolen it from unwary Mil Grunts and painted it yellow. The first mission they are seen in is Wastelands: Wasteland Thunder.

Wastelands: Wasteland Thunder[]

Glitch is called back to Base. Glitch is celebrating, but Colonel Alloy breaks the news to Glitch that Vlax has escaped into the Wastelands, and he has to prevent him from revealing the location of Droid Town. Krunk shows him the vehicle he had stolen off the Mils. He fills you in on what the vehicle is and how to use it. You have 4 minutes to get to the far side of the Wastelands otherwise this mission is toast. Vlax is just visible, in a red and purple Mil R.A.T, then, as you progress, increasing numbers of Mil reinforcements arrive to prevent you from stopping Vlax. You have to avoid those as well as bombers that attempt to drop their payload onto your R.A.T.

Once you get to the far side of the Wastelands, a cut scene will initiate, stating that Glitch can move faster on foot than he can with the heavy R.A.T. As he leaves to defend himself in the Wastelands, he tells Krunk and Zobby to cut Vlax off at the pass in the Wastelands. Krunk and Zobby escape, with Krunk shouting "Cut him off at the pass?! Who the hell says that, some sorta fucking cowboy?!! You'd better be right about this screwboy because if you don't stop Vlax ,I will personally weld your exhaust pipe to your ball bearings!!!!" to Glitch.