The "Predator" Mil bot is a free-floating bot armed with four rapid-fire laser cannons that can alternatively fire a barrage of rockets (In multiplayer with a cooldown time). The general shape of the predator resembles that of a giant wing featuring three giant engines (Or exhaust ports?) on the back, which emit a noticeable smokey particle effect.

The Predators lasers are their basic attack each arm will fire one laser. The lasers by them selves are accurate but not to damaging, their alternate fire sends a barrage of rockets at where the arms are pointed which inflicts heavier damage than the lasers. A effective way to weaken them is get rid of their arms.

Affiliation: Mil bot
Position: Destruction with Extreme Prejudice

In the single-player campaign the predator appears numerous times, Most of which are uncontrollable. The most featured was in the level "I, Predator" in which the player uses a control console to take control of an idle predator somewhere, which the player then uses to kamikaze a local power grid to thereby shut down a shield blocking the way. The predator will frequently appear on the level "Bright Lights, Mil City". It makes two more appearances in the game, one in "You know the drill" (Which is both controllable and vulnerable to a recruitment grenade) and once more in the level "Seen better days". The one in "Seen better days" is not controllable.

In multiplayer the predator can be found in two maps, controllable and completely usable in the map "Last Minute Effort", and a usable (By recruiter grenade only) in the map "Ruins"

The predator is controllable via a data port located between the first and second engine from behind/under the bot.

Predator Controls

Nintendo Gamecube

Microsoft Xbox/Xbox 360

Sony Playstation 2

Move/Aim Control Stick/C Stick Left Analog Stick/Right Analog Stick Left Analog Stick/Right Analog Stick
Fly Up Y Button "Y" Button "Triangle" button
Fly down A Button "X" Button "X" Button
Primary/Secondary Fire L/R Trigger LT/RT L1/R1
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