Affiliation: Droid Rebellion
Voice Actor: Patrick Warburton

Mozer is a rather large Droid bot, he wields a modified level 2 Rivet Gun which can load up to 10 rivets, as opposed to the usual five. In his off-hand Mozer carries a giant rusted piece of metal which he uses to literally smash almost everything in his path. To the point of even destroying a Mil R.A.T. with just that piece of metal.

Depressed Robot Edit

Upon first meeting Mozer, the first thing he does is audibly groan and mumble towards Glitch, and begins to complain that "I'm defective.. my joints need regrinding. My crank-shaft is bad; I can't even get my piston up!" Glitch asks him what his name is, which very noticeably makes Mozer happy, and then told by Glitch he is chasing Vlax to the Mil Crater Compound, and if Mozer can tell him where it is, to which he responds "I can do better than that, I can show you!" as Glitch responds to lead the way.

After completing the level following after meeting Mozer, Glitch says he should maybe fall back to Droid Town and meet up with the Rebels. He is seen later at the end of the game giving glitch a piggy-back ride for the closing cutscene of the game.

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