History Edit

The Mining Laser is just that, it was originally made for the intention of just mining ore inside the outer crust of Iron Star. It was never even conceptualized as a proper weapon until the Mils overtook the surface of the planet, and forced the Droids into rebellion, and this was initially their only tool of self- defence & offence. In fact, the Droids had never prepared for such a war to happen, which is why almost all of the weapons are of Mil design.

Level 1 Edit

Metal arms reboot mining laser by orbitalstudios-d85mvu5

The Mining Laser is the first weapon the player gets, as they start with it. It is once again no more than that, just a mining laser. It yields very small amounts of damage with a rapid rate of fire and infinite ammo (however it can overheat, and requires time to cool down).

Level 2 Edit

At level 2 the Mining Laser dawns a new look, and the energy changes from a neon green to a solid neon yellow emitted from the tool. At level 2 it also gains the ability to charge a shot (half-holding down the trigger) to release a massive burst of energy, effectively making it a very lightweight laser cannon.

Level 3 Edit

At level 3 the Mining Laser gets one last remodel, alongside another barrel. With rapid-fire dual cannon action the level 3 laser is properly recognizable as a weapon, keeping the charge ability from level 2 but with two barrels to double the output damage.

Mils' Mining Laser Edit

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Blue Grunts are equipped with Mining Lasers and are the first enemies the player will encounter in Metal Arms. The difference between the Mil's Mining Laser and the Droid's Mining laser is the look, damage, and heat generated. The Mil's Mining Laser is meant for military use, not mining directly as much as making sure Droid slaves were going to keep mining. Unlike all other mining lasers in the game, the Mil's is blue, and yields noticeably higher damage, rate of fire, and heat dispersion.

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