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The first vehicle Glitch encounters, the Loader is natively a hovercraft used to move crates and heavy objects around, equipped with a claw and a Level 1 SPEW of Droid design for the war. The Loader can be driven by the player in multiple parts of the game, but in most cases is first driven by a Grunt.

The loader in the level "You Know the Drill"

Not specifically designed for combat, Loaders can move large objects with their claws including other robots. Anything smaller than an Elite Grunt or a Titan, crates, and other players in split-screen multiplayer. The Loader is a big heavy industrial machine originally used for lifting & moving heavy objects around. In the wars between the Mils and the Droids, it was outfitted with a S.P.E.W. on the upper-front half of the hull. Large and bulky, the loader offers good protection from the front, but with little protective plating on the back, it quickly becomes an easy target to pick off.

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Campaign appearances

Multiplayer appearances
Seal the Mines Tanks A Lot
Clean Up Last Minute Effort
You Know the Drill The Trenches
Morbot City Morbot Land
The Reactor Core
One Small Step
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