There are a total of 42 Campaign Levels in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and 15 Multiplayer Levels.

Area Level Name

Special Condition

Droid Mines Hero Training
Mil Mines Do Ore Die
Mil Mines Seal The Mines
Droid Town Clean Up
Wastelands Wasteland Thunder R.A.T. Level
Wastelands They Live
Wastelands Wasteland Journey
Wastelands Mozer, Schmozer Play as Mozer
Wastelands The Zombiebot King
Mil Comm Center Into the Trenches
Mil Comm Center Infiltrate the Compound
Mil Comm Center Destroy Comm Arrays
Mil Comm Center Hold Your Ground
Mil R&D Labs What Research?
Mil R&D Labs The Search for Krunk
Mil R&D Labs F&!?ing Krunked Play as Krunk
Mil R&D Labs You Know the Drill
Wastelands Wasteland Chase R.A.T. Level
Morbot Region Morbot City
Morbot Region I, Predator
Morbot Reactor The Reactor Core
Morbot Reactor Fire It Up Play as Slosh
Mil City Hub The Hand is Mightier
Mil City Hub Find the Spy Factory
Mil Spy Factory Unhandled Exception
Mil City Hub Access the Ruins
Ruins of Iron Star Seen Better Days
Ruins of Iron Star The Sniper's Lair
Mil City Hub Secret Rendezvous
Mil City Center Bright Lights, Mil City
Mil City Center Get to the Tower
Droid Town Unwelcome Home
Coliseum 15 Minutes
Coliseum Round Two
Coliseum Last Bot Standing
Coliseum Fall to Pieces
Wastelands Race to the Rocket R.A.T. Level
Mil Space Station One Small Step
Mil Space Station Fully Operational
Mil Space Station Bring it Down
Mil Space Station General Corrosive
Wastelands Final Battle

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Area Map Name Secret Chips Needed Other
Wastelands Big E's House Automatically unlocked
Mil Spy Factory Mil Factory Automatically unlocked
Mil City Hub Tanks A Lot Automatically unlocked
Mil R&D Labs Last Minute Effort Automatically unlocked
Mil Mines Mac Attack Automatically unlocked
Droid Town Old Droid Canyon 4 Secret chips
Mil Comm Center The Trenches 8 Secret chips
Mil Comm Center Matt's Big Gun Fun 15 Secret chips
Morbot Region Morbot Land 25 Secret chips
Morbot Reactor The Reactor Factor 40 Secret chips
Morbot Reactor DMA Death Sphere 60 Secret chips
Ruins of Iron Star Ruins 85 Secret chips
Coliseum The Coliseum 110 Secret chips
Mil City Center Corrosive City 138 Secret chips
Mil Comm Center Mac Mines Requires every Secret

and Speed chip in the

game to be unlocked.

Playstation 2 exclusive map.
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