Origin: Morbot
Affiliation: Droid Rebellion
Position: Mechanic

Krunk is the Mechanic Droid for Colonel Alloy's Droid Rebellion. He fixed Glitch up and modified a stolen R.A.T from the Mils for the Droid Rebellion's use.

He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta who is known for voicing Homer Simpson and the Robot Devil in Futurama.

Apperance[edit | edit source]

Krunk looks like a walking trash can with four arms. Each of his arms holds a different tool for combat and fixing up different Bots and vehicles. He has a pirate-like peg leg, which causes him to walk at an ambling hobble.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Krunk's past. He had worked for the people of Iron Star before the Mils took over. He joined Alloy's ragtag band of Droids when he first heard about them.

A New Recruit[edit | edit source]

Krunk fixed up Glitch when Hosed, Screwed, Zobby, and the unknown Droid took Glitch to him. Krunk was able to repair Glitch, and got frustrated along the way, saying that "he was a custom jobbie." It wasn't anything he couldn't handle, and all Glitch needed then was a simple data upload and, as Krunk put it, "he should be as good as ████ing new."

Wastelands: Wasteland Thunder[edit | edit source]

Now Krunk teaches you how to drive the R.A.T that he modified. Glitch takes the wheel, while Zobby shoots at the Mil R.A.T.s. Once you get to the Wastelands, Zobby and Krunk go to the Pass, going around the Wastelands to head Vlax off so Glitch can finish him.

Mil R&D Labs: F&!?ing Krunked[edit | edit source]

Now you get to play as Krunk. Krunk is in the Mil R&D Labs and he sets free some experimental bots. As the PA system announces the release, and orders the Mils to put the bots back in their pens, Krunk uses his control tether to control the bots. Once of the bots are destroyed, the PA system announces the "Rogue Droid", and a door to Glitch opens on the far side of the level.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Krunk's personality is much like a frustrated Mechanic. He is swear happy, as you never once hear him speak without at least one swear word in the sentence.


"Of course I ████ing fixed him! He was a huge pain in the ████ing waste pan because he's some kind of custom jobbie. Nothin' I couldn't handle. Some of his memory chips were fried, so he's gonna need a new data upload. After that, he should be as good as ████ing new."

"Head him off at the pass? Who the hell says that!? What are you, some ████ing cowboy!? Alright, you'd better be right about this screw boy, because if you don't stop Vlax, I will personally weld your exhaust pipe to your ball bearings!"

"'It's too high!' 'My head fell off!' It's always something with you ███ing bots!"

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