Hosed is the first Droid you are introduced to by Colonel Alloy. He helps you up until he gets blown at the entrance to the Mil Factory.


Hosed is one of Colonel Alloy's Droids. Similar to Glitch in build, he has a pack on his back painted a bright yellow, and body is also painted yellow.



Not much is known about Hosed's past, but one can infer that he was a normal Droid on Iron Star before the Mils took control. He had escaped capture numerous times before he joined Colonel Alloy's ragtag gang of Droids.

A New RecruitEdit

Hosed, along with Screwed,and unknown Droid, and Zobby, were looking for new recruits when he found Glitch all deactivated. When Glitch is properly introduced to Hosed, he exchanged glaces with Screwed. Hosed thinks that this isn't going to work, but Glitch proves to be a valuable ally and a quick learner. When they neared the entrance to the Mil Factory, he was blown up on a section of unstable pipe along with his friend Screwed. Upon geting blown to bits, his signals are flatlined, and his remains fall into the magma under the pipe

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