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Mil Space Station
General Corrosive

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The Four Chips Edit

To start off the level, the player enters in an elevator, where General Corrosive waits to finish them off. When Glitch enters the control room at the center and top of the open level, they will discover another control console, which is missing four chips. These chips are randomly scattered in boxes around the map, one can either be found or bought from the Barter Droids hiding in the level for the price of 150 washers. (Washers are also scattered in boxes that have powerups, ammo, and chips can be found in) Although all four chips can be found from the boxes normally.

Taking Control of Corrosive Edit

Once all four chips have been found and inserted into the control console, Glitch will take control of Corrosive, to which Dr. Exavolt orders to all Mils on the station to, "Destroy the traitor at once!", and at the same time setting the space station on a collision course with Iron Star. After the player deals with the mils going after Corrosive, Agent Shh will contact the player, asking what they're doing, and to activate the Mil System Hub Computer so that he can upload the Mil Shutdown Code, shutting down all the mils on the planet. (Which consequently creates a plot hole in the next and final level).

Abandoning the Station Edit

Upon activating the Mil System Hub Computer, a cutscene will initiate showing Glitch freeing Zobby from his cage in the control room and heading to a sort of escape pod, which takes them to the ground where the space station has impacted on the surface of the wastelands.

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