General Corrosive
General Corrosive
Origin: Dr. Exavolt/ Morbot
Affiliation: Mils
Position: Leader of The Mils

General Corrosive is the supreme commander of the Milbot Military, and a primary antagonist and boss character in the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.



General Corrosive was created by the eminent Droid scientist Dr. Exavolt in order to "evolve" the Droid civilization, as a science robot smart enough to improve itself. However, Corrosive went rogue on activation and destroyed the lab he was built in, and his creators, with the exception of Exavolt, who simply disappeared. Corrosive went on to later reappear at the head of his new army of Mil Robots with which he planned to conquer Iron Star.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the SystemEdit

Despite being the highest commanding officer in the Mil army, he does not actively participate in the war until the climax. A hologram of him is present in the Mil City Center, and he is first seen in person in the Colosseum in Last Bot Standing, where he'll briefly interfere and try to shoot Glitch with his missiles. He is fought in person in Fall to Pieces, but because Glitch has no weapons, it is impossible to defeat him. Glitch manages to trick the General by faking his own death by disintegration.

Corrosive is next seen in his Mil Space Station and the titular enemy of the level General Corrosive. Glitch now has all of his weapons, but because of Corrosive's essentially invulnerable chassis, he still cannot be defeated. Instead, Glitch collects enough Chips to activate the Control Console in the center of the room and control the General. Under Glitch's control, Corrosive activates the mechanism that will deactivate the Mils and subsequently destroy the Space Station. While Glitch manages to escape via escape pod, Corrosive was forced to fall into Iron Star in the exploding Space Station.

Corrosive manages to survive the fall from orbit, but with his chassis severely weakened, vulnerable to defeat. Glitch finally destroys the General, winning the war and saving Droids everywhere from Mil control.

Metal Arms 2Edit

In the hypothetical storyline of Metal Arms 2, it would've been revealed that General Corrosive was also created by the Morbots and, thus, be Glitch's "brother".


Despite his high rank and apparent 'self-improving' design, General Corrosive is nearly barbaric in nature. He is unable or chooses not to speak, and is seemingly easily led and tricked. He prefers to attack a target instead of thinking it through, the cause of his eventual defeat.


General Corrosive is unique in that, despite his low battery life and only possessing only one form of attack, his missiles, his almost completely unbreakable chassis makes him immune to any form of attack. Even with the destruction of the Mil Space Station and subsequent fall to Iron Star, he manages to survive reasonably well.

General Corrosive is only controllable with the Control Console.

General Corrosive Controls
Nintendo Gamecube Microsoft Xbox/Xbox 360 Sony Playstation 2
Move Control Stick Left Analog Stick Left Analog Stick
Jump/Stomp A Button A Button X Button
Shoot R Button R Trigger R1 Button
Use Y Button X Button Triangle Button
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