A Droid miner.

The Droids are one of the three main races of Iron Star. Created thousands of years ago by the mysterious Morbots, the Droids enjoyed a comfortable and peaceful existence on the surface of Iron Star, until one of their own, Dr. Exavolt, created the mighty tyrant General Corrosive. General Corrosive then created the Milbots and proceeded to take over Iron Star. Any Droid who was found afterwards was captured, imprisoned, and enslaved to work in mines for ore. The last remaining safe zone, Droid Town, and its army, the Droid Rebellion, are the Droid's last hope for survival.


Before General CorrosiveEdit

The Droids were created eons ago by the Morbots, for unspecified reasons. After the Morbots moved underground, the Droids lived in peace, adopting an industrial lifestyle, mining Iron Star's plentiful ore.

Tragedy StrikesEdit

Dr. Exavolt, looking to find the limits of Droid evolution, one day created General Corrosive. This towering monstrosity betrayed his creators, destroying his lab of creation and the science droids, presumably along with Dr. Exavolt.

General Corrosive then created his own race of robots, the Mils, and enacting a war to conquer Iron Star. The Droids fought, but many were destroyed or deactivated. The survivors were turned into worker and slaves. Colonel Alloy, a hardened veteran, banded together soldiers and refugees and created the small town of Droid Town, with it and its Droid Rebellion standing as the only hope for the Droid race.


Most Droids share a yellow/yellow-and-blue color scheme. If Glitch is possibly any indication, the Droids were modeled after the Morbots themselves.

Cut Droid Concepts Edit

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Droid Explorer: An old, battered robot that’s been off exploring Iron Star for years. For so long, in fact, that he completely missed that whole Mil/Droid war thing. - Scott Goffman

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Droid Commando

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Droid ABAT

Droid Trooper: The first Droids actually designed for combat, rather than re-purposed from some other job. Fairly effective grunts.

Droid Commando: Elite combat troops (or at least as “elite” as Droids get). Faster, stronger, smarter, and more heavily armed than the Troopers. - Scott Goffman

Droid Engineer: No information on this one but it didn't make it into the game similarly to "Mister Fixit".

Droid ABAT: I don’t remember what it stands for, but it’s an armored Droid troop carrier. Troops can ride on top, and the shields on the legs allow them to use it for advancing cover in combat. - Scott Goffman

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Droid Engineer

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