Colonel Alloy
Colonel Alloy
Origin: Architect
Affiliation: Droid Rebellion
Position: Leader

Colonel Alloy is the leader of the Droid Rebellion, protagonist of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, and Glitch's main source of information and objectives.

His is voiced by Corey Burton.



When General Corrosive created the Mils and started the Mil Uprising, Colonel Alloy was the first to oppose him. He kickstarted the Droid Rebellion, and banded the rebels in a hidden valley town named Droid Town.

[Metal Arms: Glitch in the System]Edit

There are spoilers below. Read at your own risk!

Mils were invading the Droid Mines to infiltrate and destroy Droid Town. Colonel Alloy calls upon his best Droids to combat the menace, but unfortunately, with the exception of Hosed and Screwed, they have already begun fighting, or have been destroyed. Luckily, Glitch, a recently recovered recruit, is able and ready to fight the Mils and protect Droid Town.

Alloy witnessed the destruction of Hosed and Screwed, but tells Glitch to move on and continue fighting. Alloy later informs Glitch of Vlax and his location, and continues updating him on the situation.

After Glitch and Krunk recover the Morbot Power Chip, he allows Glitch access to the Morbot Region and tells him to use it to reach Mil City and meet up with an undercover agent named Agent Shush.

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