There are four main factions or races found in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

Droid Rebellion: The remnant of the Droid race led by Colonel Alloy in survival against the Mils. The Droid Rebellion is the last hope for the Droids to strike back against the Mils and reclaim their once peaceful world.

Morbots: Not much is known about the Morbots other than it is believed they created Iron Star and the vast open and expansive cities underneath the planet's surface.

Milbots - Created by the "evil military bot" known as General Corrosive & Dr. Exavolt, the Mils sought to destroy the droid rule over the planet, and came very close to succeeding in the events prior to the beginning of the first game.

Indigenous races: Metal Arms is home to several native 'species' of robots, two of which are hostile to and will attack the player and other bots. Each different race will have their described characteristics on their own pages.

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