A Battery is a container which holds the life force of robots, including the player's Glitch, in the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. They are light blue capsules that are able to give more life to anyone who uses it. The majority of robots, including even General Corrosive, have only one battery, but unique types, such as Predators, have more, and Glitch is able to collect up to five in the course of the game.

The first obtainable Battery is hidden in Do Ore Die in the vents. The second is given to the player after the midway point of Clean Up. The third is additionally given at the start of You Know The Drill, as is the fourth in The Hand Is Mightier. The final Battery can only be bought from Shady & Mr. Pockets, starting from Get to the Tower.

Battery life can be refilled with Energy or Mega Energy, and can be depleted by getting shot, or otherwise damaged, or falling into Water or lava. If the player loses all of their Battery energy, they are destroyed, and if they're Glitch, must restart from the last checkpoint.

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